Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Parkl life festival 2016


After the great success of the Muford and sons concert, I wanted to experience more of these music festival vibes. So I set my sights on the park life festival and bought my ticket two months early, yip very eager. Sharing is caring so I bought a ticket to my friend Dani a month later,she turned out to be to sick to make it, but found a suitable replacement in the end.
 The event start at ten a.m. we arrived somewhere closer to eleven, and got free parking in the venue. When we got there we noticed ,whole families setting up there tents and umbrellas, blankets and fold out chairs if I had known I would have brought some. This was unexpected for me as I've never been to a concert or music event where the whole family attended. Grandparents in their chairs, parents setting up there cozy zones on the grass and child running around hyped up with expectment and covered in sunblock.after this amazing sight we and proceeded straight for the beer tent, which for now was reasonably busy, later on it became expectantly impossible. 
The set up of all the stages was quite impressive, two on either side of the main field and the third in the middle on the upper small field,each angled in just the right position as to not effect the sound of the other. Next we checked out the gourmet food situation, I really should have taken more pics of this as mine don't do it justice. There was a great variety from smoothies, burgers, and fatkoek to Asian dim sum, Spanish paella and a full blown pizza truck with built in pizza oven. My favorite stall and the one I ate at all day was the little pop up stand from Conscious 108, a restaurant based in green side. They are a vegan joint, and offered foods from curries and burgers to their delicious chocolate cake mmmmm... As expected the vegan stall didn't have long lines of people, as the some of the food stalls, even tho their food was just as tasty if not better, but that turned out great for me. 
Back to the music, the bands were great and the atmosphere was amazing, and the later it got the more energetic the crowd seemed to get. The performers put on great shows and as a whole it was a great day, defiantly a must do if you can, the only thing I would change is longer sets for the performers as I just couldn't get enough.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Durbz trip

The weather in Durban was amazing, and seeing family that I haven't in years was great. Got my feet soaked in the sea. Got some great pics of my granny and grandpa.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

My present to my boyfriend

So I told my boyfriend that I volunteered us for this inner city charity project where we have to help paint a mural, and he said ok fine. So we head to the center of Johannesburg and we arrive at the Antsley building, a little run down but beautiful, we now have to walk two flights up and climb out the window. Ok so we walk and as we get to the window he's a the sign "rap jumping sa", well surprise, I booked us three rap jumps for his birthday. Lets just say he was flabbergasted and now only had 20 mins to get strapped up and prepare himself. So now all strapped up going up the ancient elevator to the 16th floor, then we had to walk up the emergency stairs to the 21st floor and then up to the roof. So it's a long way up and now I have to convince my boyfriend to go over the edge on a rope and run all the way down. It was exhilarating the rush of sitting on the edge and being able to see the whole city at your feet. Woo!!!!

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Archery lesson

So my wonderful boyfriend booked us an archery lesson last weekend was a really cool experience,so much fun

Quick pink hair salon

So my boyfriend and I volunteered to help spray people's hair pink, for the pink drive. What a wonderful experience, some people were very generous with their donations and helped a very good charity. Even the cricket players wore pink, it's great to see so much support for breast cancer survivors. Here's some pics.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Tap dogs

Aussie construction workers tap dancing, sounds like a safety hazard, but never the less, a great show and very entertaining. Brilliant talent, foot work was amazing and the personalities of the cast was fantastic. There was no much story but they make up for it as they allowed you to get to know each individual cast member. Watching the show was like being in a toe tapping first date, they impress you ,interact and keep you amazed, and their humorous antics make you laugh all night. No wonder people want to watch it again and again. The stage set up was like a origami flower blossoming , with each piece unfolding and showing more and more of the amazing abilities of the cast, and the imaginative uses of unusual props. Fun times and great jobs guys.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Lanterns in the dark

So after visiting the amazing Nan Hau temple me and my bf decided to wait until to was dark to light the lanterns we bought. It was so much fun just wish we had more.